1. Introduction

  Many visitors of your site will search for information they need. But if they experience difficulties doing this or if they have to wait for a long time, you risk loosing these users.
  Sure you can implement a server-side search engine. But is there any use loading your server with processing requests and searching through all your documents? Instead of sending requests to a database or server application, each user gets such database in a Java Script file and runs a search in his browser. Cronc Search Expert has a lot of advantages. First of all, it decreases the load on server and the response time.
  Using Cronc Search Expert you can also build a search engine for downloaded web pages, text, doc, rtf and pdf files stored on your local hard drive, CD or DVD.

+ Cronc Search Expert can index DOC files.

+ Now Cronc Search Expert supports non-ASCII characters like ÄäÖöÜüßâåãðæàÏËáçó.

+ Added "Replace Index Array" button. This function allows you to update the index file, without modifying any of the layout changes you may have made to your search page.

You can install Cronc Search Expert v1.5 over the old version (1.0 - 1.4).

  You start Cronc Search Expert and specify the files and directories on your local drive that you want to index. Most likely you will index the sites, the copies of which are kept on your PC.
  Cronc Search Expert extracts keywords from the processed files and writes them to the search HTML-file. It also indexes the file names and the contents of Title and Description meta tags. Once the process is over, you just upload the files created by Cronc Search Expert onto your Web server (for example into the search directory) and give users a link to the search file, which is usually called search.html. Here is a small example to demonstrate how it will look:
<a href="http://www.mysite1.com/search/search.html">Site Search</a>. You can also make on your index.html page a search form that will redirect requests to search.html. See the Getting Started section for details.
  Users will perform all further searches using the search.html page, which has a similar search form.
  A visitor can go back to the starting point of his search anytime by clicking the <<Back link.
  There is an option to open the search.html page and the search results in a new window. If a user types in any keyword from one or more of your documents, he receives links to these documents, sorted according to their relevance to the request in the same way as in Google and other search engines. Then a user can look through the found documents by clicking the corresponding links. The help.html page will always help a user work with a search system. If you create a local search system for your hard drive or CD, Cronc Search Expert will adjust links to the documents stored on the disk.

- Cronc Search Expert works on any Win32 platform: Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
- There are no special requirements to the amount of memory and CPU speed.
- The search engine powered by Cronc Search Expert requires that browsers support Java Script 1.1, i.e. it works even in IE 4.x and NN 3.x. Our search system is independent on the Web server software.
  The following Web browsers were tested and passed the compliance test:
MS Internet Explorer 4.0+
Netscape Communicator 3.0+
Opera 4.0+
FireFox, Safari, Mac IE

Simpler and faster search.
Visitors can start searching from a search form in your HTML file.
Makes your Web sites look more professional.
Found links are sorted by relevance to the request. You can set your own relevance criteria.
Our Search Engine works in all browsers.
Enables multiple users to search the site without overloading the server.
Our Search Engine can work on any Web server without CGI support, as well as on CD or DVD.
Quick reindexing of your files, only new and changed files are processed.
Page inclusions enable you to add menu bar, company logo etc. to generate attractively looking result pages.
Multilingual indexing with stop words removal.
You can also build a search engine for searching your notes, downloaded web pages etc.
You can index not only HTML, but also PHP, ASP, plain text, DOC, RTF and PDF files.
The product is very competitively priced.
Registered users receive FREE upgrades and lifelong technical support.