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The benefits of using CSS   by Jim McCoy

With CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, there are many advantages over plain HTML. First there is the ability quickly align content or to move an object (whether text, images, or animation) to another place on the site. Second, is speed. CSS files are only downloaded once and all the tags that were used in the HTML are now called from the CSS file, making for faster loading times and more viewing pleasure. Third, the layout and position of items can be fixed across the entire site, something that was only previously available by using frames. This all comes together to help those who prefer to view only the real content of your website, not all the code that was woven into it, which is a great advantage for those with difficulty in vision. When all of this is combined together you have people going to your site and enjoying the experience more. Unfortunately CSS is not the total answer, although it is a very good start. Some software manufacturers are slow to adept to the changes and therefore do not comply to all of the standards for the modern web. I will not point fingers but those of you that know me can guess of whom I am speaking. I hope that I have opened your eyes more to the available options in web design.

About the Author

I am the owner of, and Network Administrator for Coldwell Banker North West Realty. I have a degree in Computer Networking but spend most of my "tech time" doing coding.