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Create your own search engine: Cronc Search Expert (Shareware $59.85)

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Create a unique search tool based on JavaScript for your website to make it more usable. You don't need any server-side scripts to use it. The program can index HTML, PHP, ASP, DOC, PDF, RTF and text files. You can control the page ranking: more relevant pages will appear first. Page inclusions enable you to add menu bar, company logo, java scripts, meta-tags etc. to generate attractive customized result pages. The program allows you to edit search phrases before generating the Search Engine. Our Search Engine works in all browsers.


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Compress your HTML files into much smaller zip archives

Compress HTML

This unique software acts similar to WinZip enabling you to compress your HTML files into much smaller zip archives with compression ratio of 90% and more! Your web pages will load quicker and you'll save both your web traffic and disk space. HTML documents will be automatically uncompressed in the user's browser.


HTML2Zip is a powerful HTML compression tool for web developers. This unique compression tool uses the true zip algorithm for compression HTML files. HTML2Zip offers you the following benefits:

1. Maximum possible compression (90% and more), equal to that provided by WinZip, which other compression tools based on JavaScript cannot guarantee.
2. Unzipping the packed HTML in browser also occurs much faster, than with unpackers written in JavaScript.
3. HTML2Zip can process multimegabyte HTML files, which are unattainable for other HTML compression tools.
Current version is 2.1. This version has 480000 bytes restriction for source HTML file size. This restriction will be overcome in the next version of HTML2Zip.
4. Unzipping compressed with HTML2Zip documents in browser is transparent for CSS, Java and other scripts, working on the client side, including the scripts contained are between the <head> and </head> tags.

What's new:

- processing HTML files up to 480000 bytes length
- recurse subdirectories
- you can use wildcards for file names (*.html etc.)
- redirecting non-java browsers to the uncompressed file. You may enable this option, which will make HTML2Zip insert Java Script code into the <head> tag to automatically redirect non-java browsers to the source uncompressed document.

How it works

Compressing HTML files is as easy as a mouse click. You select the file to be compressed, HTML2Zip packs this file to a zip archive with maximum compression ratio and creates a tiny start HTML file (called the destination HTML) with the same name, as a source document. A backup copy of the source file is created. You place both these files in one directory on your web site, local hard disk, your CD or DVD. The browser downloads the tiny start HTML and then automatically loads your zipped source document. The source document is unzipped in the browser and substitutes the start HTML as if the user has downloaded your source HTML file.
You can also remove from the start HTML file the comments and all redundant tags except Title, Description and Keywords, which are necessary for search engines.

System requirements

HTML2Zip works with any version of Microsoft Windows (9x/ME/2000/NT/XP/2003) and needs both Java and JavaScript enabled browser. The following web browsers were tested and passed the compliance test:

Restrictions in the demo version

The demo version has the 8000 bytes restriction for the source HTML file.

You can purchase the full version of HTML2Zip 2.1 for $29.85:

What you get as a registered user?

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Cronc PixelPal (Shareware $9.95)

Color view

PixelPal was written on Delphi in pure WIN API and therefore it has a small size. It works on any Win32 platform.

Quickly find out exactly what colors you are viewing on websites, your desktop and within applications with PixelPal. This amazing and simple utility will allow you to quickly find the exact RGB color you are viewing on your screen. With a move of your mouse, PixelPal will allow you to choose the perfect color by enabling you to zoom in on the color of your choice.


PixelPal can be used on websites, your desktop or within the application of your choice. PixelPal today and experience what others are calling the latest innovation in color viewing technology!

Reviews of PixelPal:
"PixelPal works flawlessly when I want to find the exact color of an image on any website. It seemlessly allows me to move from 1 pixel to another to find the precise color I need. Thank you for the tool!"

Chris O'Hara, webmaster

For use at anytime the program is running
- Use the mouse to quickly move the cursor.
Keys for use only while the program is in focus
- Press the Esc key or click the "X" to exit the program.
- Press the Enter key to keep the focus on the PixelPal window. Press enter once again to remove the focus from the PixelPal window.
- Use the arrow keys to move the focus of the cursor one pixel.
- Use the Tab function to change the crosshair and frame color to red, white or black.
- Use the Ctrl function to show the window area behind the cursor at the moment the Ctrl key is pressed.
- Use the Shift key to show the relative coordinates (RXY) of the cursor at the moment the Shift key is pressed.
- Use the left mouse key to bring up a separate menu.
- The Keys 1, 2, 3 and 4 will allow writing the following values to the clipboard:

  1. XY coordinates
  2. RGB color
  3. HTML Hex color
  4. RXY coordinates. The 4 key will only function after the shift key has enabled the RXY coordinates.

Please contact the author for questions/comments/suggestion for this program.

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